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Sites error handling is lame!

These days i am developing a solution for one of clients based sites and customer portal.


I end up spending hours looking at the data, my code, debug log (which most often does not contain any useful data, a whole wack of items that were successful! ) and stare at an "under construction message" screenshot that the user sends me (as a result of an error they encoutered)


No error emails are sent to me about the failure... so most of the time i am lost!
I have no idea what going is on!

and you are hearing these words from a Salesforce Certified developer with more than 13 years of software development exprience!


I am hoping with these harsh words SF folks would be able to step up and fix the problem with this technology.



Here here! Viva la revolutione!


I've created a few customer portal sites now and it's always the same hassle.




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