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Customer Portal and licenses

Hi all, any help on this would be appreciated. I have a client who wants me to build them a salesforce Site to allow them to let their Contacts login and update newsletter preferences. In order to do this, I've worked out i need to do the following:


 - Setup the Customer Portal to allow users to login

 - Add necessary fields to Contact object

 - Build sites pages to allow users to edit Contact data


However, I'm getting very confused about what is and isn't possible. This page tells me that I can setup teh Customer Portal and allow the default Customer Portal Manager role to read, create and edit contact objects. However, following the instructions exactly (including setting up a new Dev Edition account), when I go to edit the Customer Portal Manager permissions, I'm unable to change the Standard Object Permissions - they're just shown as read only, not as checkboxes as per the wiki page.


Then again, this page tells me that Site licences do not allow edit / delete on standard objects.


So, which is it? 


Finally, what licence will my client need to enable all this? I think it's Enterprise, which gives them Sites and the Customer Portal.  But will this give them Edit permissions for Portal users on Standard Objects? If not what will they need? And, given that they're not sure which licence they have, where can I find out in the Admin, or do they need to contact Customer Services?


AHA, Ben

Is there nobody here who knows how this works?!
I am working with some clients to implement the portal, and we are suffering some similar confusion - I have reached to some people I know, and I'll post more info if I get it about which type of licence will offer the functionality I think we both want...
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sites provides you public unauthenticated access, every visitor accessing your site have the same access rights. You can grant create/read/update/delete permissions on custom objects for your sites. You can only grant create/read permissions on standard objects (exceptions are product, pricebooks and ideas - only read access) for your sites.


Sites integrates with portals (customer and partner) for authenticated access where the visitors becomes known users after authentication and they can have different access levels based on their profiles and roles.


Portal has several different licenses that provides different level access.

Partner portal license has the most coverage and it's priced accordingly.

Customer portal licenses does not give you edit access on accounts and contacts. However, portal users can update their own profile information (user record) which can be synched back to their contact record via user trigger.




I faced a similar challenge and found I needed to clone the default profile created for Customer Portal users. I could not change the permissions on the stock profile, but I could edit those on the clone just fine.