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using master-detail data type to control role level access



I'm trying to create row-level access using Accounts.  I am using mostly custom objects, so what I normally do is just link the AccountID field in the object back to Account, by specifying the AccountID field as a master-detail type and specifying Account as the master.


Unfortunately, I'm encountering conflicting usage rules between my Developer version and my Enterprise version.  In Enterprise, it appears I can do this for all of my objects.  But in the Develpor version, it seems I am only allowed to do this when the Name field of the object is Autonumber.  If I take the text(80) option, then one of the standard fields is Owner and I'm not allowed to change it.  For the Autonumber objects, there is no Owner standard field.  Note that there doesn't ever appear to be an Owner standard field in the Enterprise version.


I am using Eclipse to synchronize the meta data across multiple systems (I am an ISV), so I would like my Developer edition to be the master.  But that means I need to set the AccountID in text defined name field objects to master detail that points back to Account.


I would be most grateful for any help.



Gloria Lee

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Never mind.  Figured it out.  I had to delete all the records in the objects first.