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Authorization Required error when user attempts to change password



I'm finding a serious problem in a site that needs to go live soon. The site is fully-authenticated, so users must log in to see any functionality.


When we create a new Customer Portal user for use with the site, they receive their username and initial password. When they log in with those credentials they are taken, correctly, to the Change Password page (where I've customized the look and feel to match the overall site branding).


They can put in a new password, but when they submit it they are taken instead to the Authorization Required page and invited to log in or register. Entering their old user/pw just takes them back through the loop to the Change Pasword page again.


I've checked Apex class permissions, VF page permissions, profile permissions, and nothing seems to be out of whack.


Any ideas? I'm stumped, and my customer is eager to roll out the site. Many thanks for any input.