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Using Sites as a web form entry for a custom object

I have started learning about visual force and the use of Sites. I just created my first VF page to capture data into a custom object. My question is this,  can sites be used to capture data into a custom object without the need for a user license?


I'm trying to replicate the Web to case type functionality but capture data into a custom object.  So far I've created a simple visual force page which capture a few fields, but when when I test the sites link it says I need to login first.


Any ideas?


- Janine




Hi Janine:


Security in Sites can be very complex. But the short version is, yes, you can do this. If you want to make the page available via Sites, for unauthenticated access, you'll need to add the VF pages into the Site Pages list of a defined Site. Additionally, you'll need to make sure that the relevant guest user profile for that site has appropriate permissions on the custom object(s) you care about to. To do that, create your Site, then while viewing (not editing) the Site, press the button labeled Public Access Settings, which will let you edit the Site's guest profile.


There's a lot more that could be said on Sites security, but hopefully that gets you over a hump or two.