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Chatter Unfollow People

I have a unique situation.  We have essentially three business lines that are competing against each other in some aspects of each business.  Because of this competition we want to limit who can follow who so that they are not able to read what is going on in each business.  I would appreciate any help in coming up with a way to automate this process.  Rather than having to set a corporate policy that will be difficult to enforce.  I saw the app on the app exchange but unfortunately it does not allow to unfollow people based on roles.  Thank you.




Chatter follows the sharing rules of your organization. eg: If you have 3 business units defined via your org heirachy and sharing rules reflecting this, then only people within each org hierarchy will be able to view records. I think you are ok re following people, because it is more often about the records they are working on (eg: opportunities)



Hi CloudCoder,


Is there any setting available in chatter by which a we can restrict a user from following another user within an organisation?


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Devendra S

You might want to consider using Chatter Unfollow Rules from Force.com Labs. (It's also available as an Unmanaged package):


Hi Orawan,


Thanks for the info.


The link which you have provided speaks about unfollowing an User. But user can find that user in People list in chatter and follow him/her later. Please correct me, if i am wrong.



Devendra S