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Chatter Groups in Sandboxes...?

There was an earlier unanswered post about this, but hopefully someone has found a fix since August...


I created a Config Only Sandbox, and loaded some data...all seems fine. I go to the Chatter Groups, and they aren't there - so I assume they don't get brought over into the Sandbox. So I then try to re-create a group I use in some of my batch processes, but it won't let me create it...says it's a duplicate name...? But when I run a simple query in SOQL against Colloboration Groups, it comes back empty...


What I am missing? 

Jia HuJia Hu
I have a similar case recently.

In the sandbox, I can't create a private Chatter group with the same name in Production.

Checked with Salesforce, they said this is a mistake of the refresh part. The name of private groups are taken to the Sandbox, even we can't see it.

They said they have fixed this, and after refresh Sandbox again, it should be fine.

Good to know - thanks