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Chatter iOS app integration- like seesmic?

I currently have a developer working on an iOS app that would benefit from having chatter inside it. I am wondering how difficult is it to create a chatter view and post like seesmic? I am actually surprised there is no pre built code for this...or is there someplace? If not, how manymhours would it take to develop this within my current app and where should I point the developer to get them started?

Have you checked out the Chatter API, this is specifically designed for mobile apps. The Chatter mobile app, for example, uses it.



Yes this is of course the obvious reply to my question and does not help much- sorry but I get a bit annoyed with these cut and paste replies that don't help and are just a waste of time. I have looked at all the API stuff but I don't see specific downloadable code to be used which I am not sure why you don't have this. Have you taken a look at the seesmic app? It is something that sales force should just straight offer as a drop in to anyone's app...isn't it your goal to have as many peo,e using the thing as possible? Why should everyone need to reinvent the wheel for this every time. If the code for this exists, p,ease let me know where.

Check out this github project then, It is the sample iOS app that we used for the Chatter-API. It's not going to replicate the UI for you, but will certainly provide a lot of the backend code for working with the API.


LMK if that is more the sort of info you are looking for.


Yes it is more helpful.


I still would suggest that you make a standard module that can be dropped into any app for people to use chatter within another app.  This would greatly increase the use of chatter and benefit you directly.  For us making apps it would give functionality that we know users could benefit from without having to reinvent the wheel.


Please consider this as I really do not see any reason for you not to do this--it is win-win-win for everyone

Niklas AlvaeusNiklas Alvaeus
That sample is over 5 years old. Any more recent samples on how to use Chatter API from a Swift iOS app?