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Auto-post to a Chatter Group

Is it possible to configure your personal Chatter posts to be automatically posted to one or more groups?


You could write a trigger to do it, i think


HI Chris,


i have a same requirement. I tried writing a trigger but i could not able to achieve it.

problems i faced are

1. I faced error when i tried to assign CollaborationGrop Id as a parent id of the FeedItem

2. as per my understanding we have to write a trigger on FeedItem object and if i write it on after insert event, it is recursively calling the trigger and giving me exception.


Please let me know if you can provide a sample peice of working code to achieve this.


Thanks in advance!


1. What is the error you're getting when assigning a collab group id as the parent? Is the context user a member of the target group?


2. There are some tips on handling recursive triggers here: http://www.salesforce.com/docs/developer/cookbook/Content/apex_controlling_recursive_triggers.htm