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Larry WieskopfLarry Wieskopf 

Chatter Trigger on Like

Is there a way to execute a trigger when a post is liked?  

Feedlike is restricted but we looked at the FeedCount in feeditem.

Created an after update trigger on FeedItem that tests for a Likecount >0.

I could be doing something wrong but it doesn't appear that updating the LikeCount causes the trigger to fire.



trigger FeedItem_Update_Payable_Status on FeedItem (after insert,after update) {

for (FeedItem FI : trigger.new)
if (FI.LikeCount != 0)

Action required goes here








Hi Larry,


As of now Salesforce doesn't support trigger on Like of a post item. I also tried it earlier.


However Salesforce might provide this in future, since they seems to be very aggressive on chatter development.





Please vote up this idea to get new trigger events for Chatter FeedItem and FeedComment "Likes"