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gautam maheshwarigautam maheshwari 

chatter files export and import



i need to export all chatter files from one salesforce organization and import them back to another organization to related records. This includes the private files and comments in chatter. There are more than 1000 files that i need to export and import.


Please help me find the best possible way ! Thanks.


I would like to know how to do the same thing to. I tried to export the Feed item via the data loader but said I could't querry the content name.

Jia HuJia Hu

Using WS API  you can copy the exactly the same chatter info. between organzaions, with feed, comment, like and files, system info. (createddate, createdbyid)  ...


1. You have to make a mapping of the CreatedById between two organzaions,..

2. You cannot transfer file with size > 35 MB by API,

3. Based on my experience, it is not the matter of the number of  files, but the size of each file

4. Trasfer the big files separately is a good choice

Shamsher SinghShamsher Singh
Hi Jia 

I am facing a similar kind of issue where i need to export all my user feeds,comments,likes and attachment. Can you provide some more information with regards to the WS API? Where to find this API and how to use it?