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How to launch Salesforce chatter page from 3rd party application using OAuth flow?



We got a scenario as below,


From a 3rd party application, Salesforce.com login page will be launched and target user's 'Message' wall in Salesforce.com Chatter application needs to be launched with newly posted message upon current user authenticated successfully.


Here, the steps that I followed to accomplish this are,


I used SESSION object to carry target user's id and the chatter message to be posted

I used REST+OAuth protocol to establish the 'authorization code' flow.

I could launch the salesforce.com login page

I was redirected to authorize page in the first attempt

But, then nothing has happened and just white screen getting refreshhhhh... for indefinite time. It is expected to launch target user's 'Message' wall with newly posted message from current user. 


PFA the post method url that I used to post a message,

PostMethod post = new PostMethod(instanceUrl+"/services/data/v25.0/chatter/users/me/messages?recipients="+targetUserId+"&"+chatMsg);


Can anyone suggest me the solution to launch Salesforce chatter page from 3rd party application?