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How to give permission to chatter free user

HI Everyone


                       How to give permission to a chatter free user to download apps from App Exchange or how system adminstrator  share his apps to a chatter free or a chatter External user.


                         As salesforce given that

"Anyone can browse and test drive AppExchange listings. Salesforce administrators and users with the “Download AppExchange
packages” permission can install AppExchange apps. To publish an app on AppExchange, a user must have both “Create
AppExchange packages” and “Upload AppExchange packages” permissions".





Chatter free users are only allowed to access chatter.  You won't be able to allow them to access any other part of the system.




I must  use that application from my chatter  free user...can you suggest me is there any solution for that??


None that I am aware of.  To use an application the user must have a paid license.  The cheapest is Force.com one app.


Hi Bob,


  now i'm trying to assign  a task to admin when a Chatte Free User  share some feeds and the task is to send sms automatically from admin profile can i approach this way will it works.


Can you Suggest me please





Hi Bhagi,

 I have a requirement like this where i have to create a record on a custom object, When a chatter free user will post a feed.
 How you solved this requirement.
 Please suggest.


Hi jeetSFDC,

You have a alternative solution for this.

All the feeds are getting stored on the Object "UserFeed", So filtere your SOQL by CreatedByID = "Chatter Free User Ids".

Created on Batch-Apex scheduled with a Scheduler-Apex which run in every 5 min.

SOQL will check record created on the last 5 min and inserts those feed.body and some needful fields into a Custom object(or you can use th Activity Object) as a new Record(a new Task).