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Chatter Limits in Apex

I know that the limit to the number of entities that a user can follow is 500. 


There is an Idea (http://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000HgdbAAC) to increase the limit so I don't want to hardcode 500 anywhere in case it changes.


My question is how can I programatically get that number in Apex? 


The use case is code that automatically creates EntitySubscriptions, but fails when the 500 is reached.  I know that I can surround the insert with a try/catch, but reaching 500 isn't really an exception case. I want to be able to detect it without having to insert and without having to hardcode a 500 or have a 500 in a custom setting. 


Ideally, I'd be able to query how many the user has and check it against a number that I get through a built-in SF class or something to that effect.


I don't see anything in the Limits methods:




Jia HuJia Hu
Integer a = [Select Count() from EntitySubscription where SubscriberId = 'UserID'];
If( a < 500) {
System.debug(' ---------' + a);

Thanks for responding, but what I want to know is how to get the 500 programmatically without hard coding or getting through a custom setting...or if there is another way? I don't want to have to deploy code or remember to change a custom setting when SF changes the limit.

Also, have you tried running that code as a non sys admin user? SF throws a runtime error if I don't include a Limit clause that limits it to at most 1000 possible records when querying EntitySubscriptions as a non sys admin user.  Error in that situation (below) is easily fixed by adding Limit 500 in the SOQL statement.


caused by: System.QueryException: Implementation restriction: EntitySubscription only allows security evaluation for non-admin users when LIMIT is specified and at most 1000