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Sites page (validation Rule)

I have a field on a form in my site for Tax_ID__c  I have a validation rul on this field making sure the input conforms to the regex formatting...


If someone does provide the correct syntax (12-1234567) then the form submits just fine.  But If a guest user dosn't format this field properly. Instead of getting an error letting them know which field needs to be corrected, so they can resubmit. a page loads telling the visitor that the site is under construction. 


fortunately, they can hit the back button and fix, but again, then wouldn't know what to fix.  How do I get the same behavior when the validation failes for a licensed user to work the same for the guest user?


Make sure that you are using an apex:inputField and that you have the apex:pageMessages tag in your form to display the error.