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Customer Portal: Contacts visiblity



I want to use the Customer Portal to allow my customers to get in touch with each other.  To do this, ideally, they log into the customer portal, and their user information is visible via list views to other customer portal users, and vice versa.  What this would essentially be is a directory of Customer Portal users that could be looked at using standard list views.


I've been doing some testing, and it seems as if Contacts are not available to be seen by other Contacts.  Since all my member information is at the Contact level, what the best way to approach this problem?


I'm guessing that I'm going to have to set up a custome object called "Portal Profile" or something liket that, which copies certain information off of the Contact record and stores it in the custom object, which I would then share in the portal.


Open to thoughts and feedback on this approach.




Creating Custom object and 2 way synchronization would be the solution.


Are you using custom Visualforce pages?  You could just write your controller with the without sharing modifier and limit what the users can / can't see or do  programatically.



Portal License forbids the authenticaed portal user to access the Contact object.

  1. The only way is to use an anyc (@future) annotation inside an trigger (user create or User update) for example.
  2. If you find that too limiting, using external portal solutions that uses Salesforce API are also an option. Checking Magentrix.com for example.
Ulas KutukUlas Kutuk

If you are using Authenticated licenses you can not reach both Account And Contact std objects, you can use wrapper class or custom object which is going to be sync with Contact.