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XML via HTTPS POST to a sites page



I have created some apex on a sites page that will receive an XML message from an 3rd party service, parse it, and save a new object. It works fine over HTTP Post, but gives me an "Authorization Required" message when I post to it via HTTPS.

This is in Developer Edition (which means the secure site URL is the same as the non-secure one)


Is the issue my XML sender?:

My HTTP posting simulator that I use/created to send XML messages does not make use of the SSL certificate when it posts, so I can't test that. Perhaps it is not receiving the SSL certificate, and so it is refusing access...

Can anyone suggest a tool that would help me test HTTPS posts with a certificate? 


Alternatively, how do I post an HTTP message over secure XML? I see that I can build an HTTP request, and populate a parameter with the PKCS12 "key store and password". Where do I get that?


Other ideas? Do I have to open up the "salesforce firewall" to receive these 3rd party posts?





What I learned in this process, is that to debug Sites pages, you should debug them by calling them from within salesforce, authenticated. You will get better error messages.

The SSL didn't seem to be the issue in the end.

Also, salesforce can't receive and parse XML messages at this point, only CGI postings, which it does well.


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Hi Experts,

   I am able to process the POST using Site/Visual Force Page from a sender.

How can i send immediate response to the sender (that POSTed teh original message) that message is successful. Please note that Sender's requirements is NOT to send a new POST back.


Any ideas?


I appreciate your help.