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Concurrency/Overloading Issue with Site pages

Hello Site Gurus,

I have implemented a Site page, wherein the users can fill up some info and the same is saved in a custom object in the database. I have uploaded this page on a no of websites from where the consumers will access this.

The question i have is around the load the Sites page can take. Meaning at the same time, multiple people can access the page from different websites and submit the information simultanteously, right?

So, in this, how the concurrency/overloading issue is taken case of? Cuz, all the pages are running the same controller in the backend. How will the records be created? Will there be an exception/failure?

please advice!

PS: I know there are limits enforced w.r.t page views etc on a daily basis, but still wanna know about this issue of concurrency/overloading?

Many Thanks,


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Does no one knows how this works?