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Sites default page question



I have a Sites website with two subsites. If the user navigates to the root, they receive an under construction error. 


 Say if my sites address is this: companyname.force.com/abc and i have one more subsite as companyname.force.com/def


If I type in the root, (companyname.force.com/) it gives me the following error


http://companyname.force.com/def/ is under construction


How to get rid of this. One suggestion is to build a VF page  which would get displayed at the root and have abc and def as two links


Pls. let me know what is a better option? 


do you really need two sites or you need a site with directory structure?

Options are:

- create a site with no path(which will be your root site then you can have pages under this site "abc" and "def" - if you don't need abc and def as paths

- keep your existing sites but again create a new site with no path and redirect to one of these sites when sme one browses the root site via the root site active home page 


I am a site newbie, so pardon if answers to my questions seem to be really obvious.


I still need two sites. those 2 sites cater to 2 different audiences. But I dont want the user to be presented with a  under construction page when he goes to root. 


Is creating a new site is the only option


Can I create a Visual force page and 2 links to each subsites. If i create a VF page, in which sub site should it reside


Also how would I say the newly created VF page is what should be displayed when a user traverses to the root 



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the new page with 2 links (alternatively page can redirect to one of the sites you have by default) would reside in the new site you would create (/ site with no path)

alternatively you can mask your site default urls with a custom url like (www.abc.com would mask xx.force.com/abc, and www.def.com would mask xxx.force.com/def sites) so you won;'t see this issue


Thanks Bullent for the detailed reply. 


I like your second option, but I can't seem to find where the site default URLS would be.


Is this the setting you are referring to


Default Web Address


when I click on setup-> sites-> and click on the site label? 


correct. You can also take a look at this article for details.

The default web site does have an entry like companyname.force.com/abc and companyname.force.com/def already








How would I create a site with no path? 


when you create new site leave the path part of the default site url blank.

You can only have one site without a path