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How do you associate your website to the internal Sites server using Custom Web Address field



Could someone explain how to configure Sites so that you can have your website www.company.com be attached to the internal Salesforce site www.company.force.com address.  It looks like 'CustomWebAddress' field should have www.company.com and you need to create a CNAME (record) but how do you do that?  And is there any configuration steps to make it work.


from the Sites documentation


Secure Web Address
The optional branded custom Web address that you registered with a third-party
domain name registrar. The custom Web address acts as an alias to your
Force.com address.
To enable a custom Web address, create a CNAME record to your Force.com
domain with that registrar. If you have not registered this address, you encounter
Custom Web Address
an error. Custom Web addresses are not available in sandbox or Developer
Edition organizations.


Thanks for the help.






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Take a look at this presentation.

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Take a look at this presentation.
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Perfect, thanks a bunch.