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Internet web site?

I have created a web site in Salesforce.com using the sites feature. When I click on the Custom Web Address URL it takes me to the web site I have created, However it retains the salesforce attributes about the site. It retains the links in the header for  


                  System Log•Help & Training•Logout.


It also retains links in the footer

                 Copyright © 2000-2010 salesforce.com, inc. All rights reserved. | Privacy Statement | Security Statement | Terms of Use | 508 Compliance


This appears under the custom footer that I have created.


How can I get rid of these links and make my site look like any other internet web site?


Thanks in advance.

<apex:page controller=""

Add the show header and sidebar attributes to you page definition, turn both to false and everething will be hidden


Thanks  ,


When I do what you are suggesting, I am able to hide the header and the footer which makes the site look like salesforce.com. However I also loose the tabs displaying on my site. How can I prevent the tabs from disappearing and at the same time get rid of the out of the box header and footer?




As far as i know all you can do if you want to keep the tabs is hide the header and footer with css/javascript, i suggest css, so then only the tabs will be showned. Or you can make your own tabs in html and hide everything else with the attributes i post before.