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We are very excited to see APEX REST going GA in the Winter '12 release.

Special thanks to all developers that took the time to use the new feature and provide valuable feedback to our team. We really appreciate your participation in the pilot. Also we look forward to future collaboration. Thank you!

As you know, Apex REST API was previously available as a pilot in Summer'11. As a pilot release, we gather feedback and make adjustments prior to final GA releases. Below is an update we made in APEX REST prior to GA - please review it:

* Cookie support has been removed from RestRequest and RestResponse. The addCookie method and cookies property have been removed from both of these classes, and use of the following headers in the addHeader method isn't allowed: "cookie", "set-cookie", "set-cookie2", "content-length" and "authorization". Our security team felt this led to a more secure design overall.

If you participated in the Summer '11 pilot release please review your implementation to account for this update.

For more information about Apex REST, see the Apex Code Developer's Guide.

Thank you,

API Team


Are they going to charge for the rest API!   


There's no plan to charge an additional fee to use the apex REST API.  Usual org restrictions and rate limits will apply, of course.


What are the org restrictions and gov limits?   


I am going to create a Custom Apex Rest Webservice in my sandbox environment, but it shows an error that this feature is currently in Pilot. But my sandbox environment is in WInter 12 Edition. Can You response me why i am getting this error.


Also Can i activate this feature for my Organization?


I really need your reply as soon as possible.




According to the Winter Release '12 it is stated that,


"Apex REST—Pilot
The Apex REST API was available as a pilot in Summer '11 and continues to be in pilot in this Winter '12 release. You can
use Apex REST to implement custom Web services in Apex and expose them through the REST architecture.
Six new annotations have been added to Apex for Apex REST: @RestResource, @HttpDelete, @HttpGet, @HttpPatch,
@HttpPost, and @HttpPut. Define your Apex class with the @RestResource annotation to expose it as a REST resource.
Similarly, add annotations to your methods to expose them through REST. For example, you can add the @HttpGet annotation
to your method to expose it as a REST resource that can be called by an HTTP GET request."



Can you please elaborate more that is it available in  winter 12 or we need to activate this feature.


The release notes will be updated to reflect the change in status of the Apex REST feature.


You won't need to do anything.  In a week or two we'll turn the feature on for everybody.


In the meantime, you can e-mail atoussaint AT salesforce DOT com if you need to use Apex REST now.


Can we get a real date here?  I have to make a decision regarding whether to scap APEX REST for a project go-live of next week.  I knew I should have waited until this was truly GA.  Just ran into the same issue in a Winter '12 developer Sandbox.  Extremely frustrating, especially given all of the hype over this at Dreamforce.





Winter '12 deployment dates are on the trust site, see


So are you saying explicitly that the APEX REST API will be fully GA when this maintenance is complete?  I'm in a Winter '12 environment right now that is telling me that the feature is only available in Pilot.




Hi Michael,


APEX REST is going to be GA, we are updating the docs/release notes to reflect our decision.


If you would like to share your use-case with us please email me at:


atoussaint at salesforce dot com


Thank you,