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Preserving/Inserting parameters on URL redirect for SSO


We are trying to implement SSO with a webapplication and SF. The scenario is the user logs into the webapplication (with that webapplication's user Id. If the login is sucessful, then user can click a link on the webapplication page which sends a REST request to SF. The REST request will have the SF username and password (and anything else required for Login into SF).

SF has been configured to use SSO. So this login request is redirected to IdP , in our case OpenAM. Now i would like to retrieve the SF username in openAM (where i have written a custom authentication module). How can i preserve the parameters passed to SF, when SF redirects to openAM? I think in an http redirect the parameters get lost.


The webapplication is within the network, SF is on a public IP and openAM is in the DMZ.




If the client passes in a "state" parameter, it is returned in the callback. https://login.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/remoteaccess_oauth_web_server_flow.htm