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Get chatter feed of all my followers in single VF page?

I want to get the feed of all my followers in a single VF page.  So, I can send it to myself as a daily digest email. 


How do I do that?


Hello Manish,


Add Chatter functionality to your Visualforce pages using the following components:

  • <chatter:feed>: Displays the Chatter feed for a record.
  • <chatter:feedWithFollowers>: An integrated UI component that displays the Chatter feed for a record, its list of followers, and optionally, a header bar that allows users to show or hide the Chatter feed and subscribe to it.
  • <chatter:follow>: Renders a button for a user to follow or unfollow a Chatter record.
  • <chatter:followers>: Displays the list of Chatter followers for a record.

Note that Chatter components don't render for Visualforce pages using sites.


Thanks for the reply Vinita.


<chatter:feedWithFollowers> displays my feed results and also the list of whom I follow.


If I follow a record, and if any changes are done to that record, i get them in my feed. 


In a similar way, if I follow a user, I need to get all the changes the user makes to any record.  That's the whole point of following, isn't it ? But I don't get the user updates in my feed.  Only if I visit the user's feed, I am able to see the changes the user is making.


So what I am looking for is.. the feed of all my Followers in one place.  How to get it ?


This is the approach I followed but in vain.


I am repeating <chatter:feed> tag and passing all my Followers list into it expecting the feed of all the followers to repeat.


<apex:page controller="ChatterClass"> 
     <apex:repeat value="{!EntityId}" var="entity"> 
           <chatter:feed entityid="{!entity.subscriberid}"/> 


And I get this LIMITATION Error from Salesforce. 


Only one Chatter-related component can be specified per page.


 How do I solve this?