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Unable to login with SForce user name to site.



I'm totally new to Sforce. Sorry if the question is being posted but I didn't manage to find solution for this. So

I created a customer portal, and a site associate with it. Everything as described in here


I am able to create user, login and navigate, change templates.

But my questions are:

1. How to enable the login to the site with my SF account - this is the administrator of the site/portal.

2. How to make tabs visible for the logged in user? Currently I see only

Cases | Solutions | Reports | Documents

although from Customer portal - for the current profile all the Tabs should be visible.

3. Currently (the profile is Customer Portal Manager) I can add/edit only cases. How can I enable the permissions for Contacts for example?


Thank you,



1. Only portal users can login from a Force.com Site using Site.login() method.

2. To make tabs visible in the portal, make sure you add those tabs under the Customer Portal Settings area (Setup -> App Setup -> Customize -> Customer Portal ->Settings -> click on portal name hyperlink -> click Customize Portal Tab button).

3. To modify the profile CRUD settings, you need to use a custom profile. Clone the Customer Portal Manager profile, modify the profile settings as desired,and then make sure you add that Profile to the Customer Portal by going to the Customer Portal configuration page and click "Edit Profiles" to activate the custom profile.