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configuring partner portal login page

Hi All,


I have created a site with 3 visualforce pages. The landing page shows some branding and has links to register and login.

When i click on login, it goes to partner portal login page.


Since the partner portal login page is not matching with my other pages, i want to configure this login page.

Can anyone of you please help me on how can i do it ?


this article shows how to integrate your site with any active portal in your org.



Madhura BMadhura B



Is there any way to customize the partner portal login page.

The URL for the same is https://ap1.salesforce.com/secur/login_portal.jsp?orgId=00D90000000IExW&portalId=060900000004mNA


Though I can add an html file as Login Message under Look and Feel I dont see any changes in the login page.

What can be done to achieve the same?