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Delegated Portal Admin cannot create customer portal users

I have enabled customer portal and created a Customer Portal Manager user with Portal Super User and delegated admin access. So this user can login to customer portal, add contacts and enable contacts for Customer Portal. It works fine if I enable a contact and use Customer Portal Manager license.


However, if I select High Volume Customer Portal as the license choose a profile and try to Save, I get the following error:

Guest Users cannot have a user role


The problem is, the role dropdown does not allow me to select no role.


Note that this is happening only when trying to enable customer portal user from the Customer Portal logged in as portal super user. When I try the same within my salesforce org, the Role dropdown is disabled when I select High Volume Customer Portal.


Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


User Role and Profile depends on "User License" so once if you have selected a particular license type for a user then you can only reassign this user to a profile of the current license so you can not say it is a salesforce bug. For this you can use API or sites self service registration to create portal users with high volume portal type licenses.


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Thank you for the response Pradeep! You answered part of my question. Here is the problem I am having:


I want delegated portal administrator to be able to create more portal users. I have created one user mamta.admin with this profile.


Now when I login to Customer Portal with this userId, I can create contacts and I see the 'work with portal' button on contact details page. When I click on 'Enable User for Customer Portal', it takes me to a stripped down user creation page. It allows me to select the user license as 'Customer Portal Manager' or 'High Volume Customer Portal'.


When I select Customer Portal Manager license, and pick a Profile with that license (leaving the Role as default) it creates the new user correctly.


When I select High Volume Customer Portal license, and pick a profile with that license, (the Role does not allow to select None or deselect). So when I click Save, I get error saying 'Guest users cannot have a role'.


As per the documentation, Hight Volume Customer Portal users cannot have a role assigned to them. So the error message is correct. The problem is, why does the UI not allow me to remove the Role selection? If I was doing the same thing by logging in to my org (instead of customer portal), it makes Role uneditable as soon as I select High Volume Customer Portal license, and there is no error on Save.




You can only enable contacts as high-volume Customer Portal users via the API. See the Force.comWeb Services API
Developer's Guide.

Please see below the limitations of the high-volume Customer Portal users :

• High-volume Customer Portal users can't manually share records they own or have access to, but they can transfer such records.
• They can't access articles.
• You can't transfer cases from non high-volume Customer Portal users to high-volume Customer Portal users.
• You can't assign the High-Volume Customer Portal User or Authenticated Website User user license to person accounts.
• High-volume Customer Portal users can't own accounts.
• You can't add case teams to cases owned by high-volume Customer Portal users. Also, if you transfer cases to high-volume Customer Portal users, any case teams on those case are deleted.
• You can't include high-volume Customer Portal users in:
               - Personal groups or public groups
               - Sharing rules
               - Account teams, sales teams, or case teams
               - Salesforce CRM Content workspaces

You can only enable contacts as high-volume Customer Portal users via the API. See the Force.comWeb Services API
Developer's Guide.

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I have made a Customer Portal User as Delegated Portal User Administrator and Portal Super User. But after logging in as that user it allows me to create contact. But when I try to create Enable Customer Portal User for that Contact, it is giving me 'Insufficient Privilages' error. Please let me know where am I going wrong?


My requirement is to allow a CP User to create a another CP user.

Kuljit Jagpal 7Kuljit Jagpal 7
I am running into a similar issue.  I have given delegate admin privileges to a community user.  This user can create a contact for his Org in the community but when clicking on 'enable customer user' in contacts page the user is given a 'Insufficient Privileges' error.  
What particular permission is missing in the profile to enable this?  Thanks.