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Chris CalhounChris Calhoun 

Force.com IDE Install issue 'You do not have the appropriate permissions.....'

I'm getting the message 'Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.'  when running 'Force.com IDE Installer.exe' on my Windows 7 64-bit pc. This PC is in a corporate environment so I'm wondering if McAfee or a firewall may be the issue.


I've tried:

1. Installing Java, Eclipse.

2. Running as administrator.







saleforce beesaleforce bee

1)Latest version of java 1.6 should be installed in the system


2)Separately Downloaded the saleforce.com plug-ins( http://www.adnsandbox.com/tools/ide/install/plugins/) and features(http://www.adnsandbox.com/tools/ide/install/features/), moved those files in the respective folders of eclipse


3)Finally ,install the same way how to add a new software in the eclipse. In this time, it wont download the force.com ide related files since those files already download separately and moved into Eclipse folders. So automatically the configuration would be done in this step.



I have upload the tested eclipse with force.com IDE software on the link



If you feel too worry/complicated about above steps , then you could directly download the software from above link and use it.