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V AnandV Anand 

Relatedlist not displayed in force.com site.



I want to print notesandattachments relatedlist of contacts in sites, but it is not displayed in sites and it displayed in visualforce page.


I add this page to my site ,here relatedlist is not displayed.

How can I display notesandattachment in sites.

Ulas KutukUlas Kutuk

Which licensees do you use ? 

Did you give to the access for related profile ?

V AnandV Anand

Thanks for your reply....


My license is "High volume customer portal user"...I am trying to display "notes and attachments " related list in force.com sites.But  I got "insufficient privilleges " error.

When I loged in as "view as admin" I got this message "file not allowed for profile".

I set profile settings correctly and give access to certain profiles, But still I am facing problem.

Ulas KutukUlas Kutuk

Please make sure that you cloned the High Volume Customer Portal Licenses and check read permission to the Document object.

Is this related list comes from the custom or standard object, you should also set the object and field level permission for this object.