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Manpreet SinghManpreet Singh 

Does SitesForce support HTML Page Versioning?


Can you explain more what you mean about page versioning?


I think this refers to source/version control such as SVN or GIT, am I right, Manpreet?


In the Siteforce Webinar last november they said that versioning would be available very soon, maybe in the next release.


Right now it is not possible.


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I am interested in this answer too. My definition of versioning is.... as original content objects are edited and a new version is created..... the "old" version is kept or stored.  Then, the original content object (Version 1.0 as Documentum 6.5 would refer to it) would be edited, then there would be a new version 1.2 created. And as the content object is edited again and again... there are more versions created.  This is very helpful with ease of adminstration and is totally crucial to have for auditing/governance purposes.


Does versioning currently exist with site.com/salesforce Content Management?