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Chatter mobile app button overrides

Is it possible to override/hide buttons from the chatter IOS app?



In our org we are using VF pages to edit many standard/custom object. In the chatter mobile app they have added feature to edit the records


However, while editing its not taking the defined page layout in salesforce also I don't see any settings to hide/over ride that edit button.


Has anyone encountered similar issue? Also, what are my options here. Do I need to build my own app if I need such changes?

There is currently no way to hide the edit button on Chatter app. If you want to block the standard edit, you can probably use some apex trigger to block any save requests that are coming from standard edit page and doesn't comply to your data integrity requirements.

BTW, just to mention, there will be a new update to Chatter app in couple months that will support your VF page overrides for editing records.