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Owner field not found for Name table



I am trying to fetch chatter feed for an Opportunity. I have found out that it is provided by a table OpportunityFeed. Next I would like to fetch information about an User who have posted this message. I have found InsertedBy field in OpportunityFeed, which is of type Name. It is understandable since some of a post can be posted not only by an User.

This field have a lot of useful information about a poster like name, username ect. but it lacks PhotoURL. To get this I need to get an User Id.

In the documentation for Name type I have found out that I shoudl be able to ask for an Owner field.



Unfortunetly it does not work. Could you help me understand where I am doing a mistake or alter my approach for the problem?


Some additional ifnrimation, I am using SOQL api with iOS SDK.

Hi. Since this question pertains to mobile SDK, I have moved this from general development to the mobile topic. Thanks.
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal



Your question isn't very clear. What exactly is the issue you are facing? Can you share your relevant code snippet as well?