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Which App are we accessing with Salesforce1?

I started using Salesforce1, downloaded the app, logged in. Seeing stuff. Thats cool. But our organization has several Apps, one of which we utilize primarily.


How can I tell which App I am connected to when I log into Salesforce1?




By 'App', I'm assuming that you're referring to Force.com Apps that you've created in your Org and that are typically accessed via the top-right dropdown in the full Salesforce site. When you log into the S1 app, you're logging into the entire Org, and not a specific app. The apps that you've created in your Org are basically a set of tabs. These apps aren't visible directly in the Salesforce1 mobile app. You have to configre what set of Objects/VF tabs etc. appear in the Left Navigation menu of the S1 app. Please refer to the Salesforce1 Developer Guide - http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/salesforce1/index.htm - for how to configure and customize the S1 app. Hope this helps.

Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal

Just to add to what Sandeep mentioned, you can also load the Salesforce1 app on your desktop browser itself using the URL https://ap1.salesforce.com/one/one.app (choose the region code depending on your org).


I hope this helps.