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Approval Process in SF1

Hi there,


I have read that release of Salesforce1 doesn’t have all of the functionality of the full Salesforce site. To see data or do actions that aren’t supported in Salesforce1, use the full site instead.


So I was wondering if approval process is not supported in SF1? or does anyone have work around how to approve process in the salesforce1?


The other issue I'd like to ask is, how can a I create a new child object or a new record for a child object in a Master-Child relationship on a custom object on the SF1?


Thanks in advance



hi S.Aj,


Yea Approval processes is something that is currently not available on Salesforce 1..

I would suggest you to go to this quick link to check the data supported on Salesforce 1:




As  for related records - the related list button say (new contact button on Contact related list on Account record) is something that is not activated yet on Salesforce 1


This app being the first iteration is stil under developement and our team is working hard to get more features implemented..



So creating records isn't it possible via the global actions?

I meant creating records is not possible via related list as they are read only as said in the doc:

  • Related lists in the Salesforce1 app are read-only. Action buttons on related lists, including the ability to create new related records, aren’t available.

You can however, create records directly by going to the object.