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Suggestions for Improving Cloud Designer



I've created some very elaborate flows with the cloud designer. Here is some feedback.


1) We should be able to disable/remove/hide the "previous" button at various points.

2) One of thet largest issues I'm running into with more elaborate flows is the clearing of screen input fields. Sometimes you need to loop through a screen, and it shouldn't retain the previously entered values for its inputs.

3) Text validation(regex, etc.) for screen input fields. Don't simply rely on object level validation.

4) not as critical as the above--but auto-layout in the desktop designer was a huge time saver for very large and elaborate flows. I realize this might be tricky to implement.


I did fill out the official survey in the cloud tool with these suggestions too.


Colin JohnsonColin Johnson

Hi Jordan,


I agree with your points. In particular, I have a similar issue in a complex Flow where I want to loop through a few steps, I don't want the previously entered values to be retained.


Hopefully, this will be addressed as a result of the beta test.






Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. It is important..

1. This is a feature which has not been exposed in the cloud designer yet. WIll be added soon.

2. I would love  your use case here and the behavior here. The tool is designed to mimic your classic web form where when you go to the form, your previous value is selected by default.

3. THis will be coming in Spring '12 where you can use the salesforce formula lanugage (which includes REGEX function) for all input fields not just numeric/currency

4. This can by itslef mean many things. One easy win we are thinking of is a "snap-to-grid" feature. Would this be along the lines you were thinking of?


Sure, I'll explain for #2.


Say you're building a family. A family is made up of x number of members. Because the number of members can vary, you would loop through an "add family member" step until you created every member of the family. Once each member is added, (a record is created) I should be able to clear the "add family member" step otherwise all the fields related to the previous family member will be left behind. The "clear fields" function should be able to be tied to an event, such as record creation or update or delete, that the user can specify.


As for #4. yes, a snap to grid would be useful. The desktop designer has a function where if you link a bunch of steps together in a sloppy manner you can execute the function and it will auto-lay everything out in a clean tree view structure for you. (visio has a similar feature too). Again, the desktop flow designer can demonstrate exactly what I'm referring to.


Let me know if you have any more questions!


Can "checkbox's be added as a choice field