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Cloud Flow Designer - Unknown Error - Can my flow version be recovered?

Yesterday I successfully saved a new version of my flow off of the active flow and invested a few hours in improved fault handling.  I received a couple errors and lost a little bit of work, but made sure to save regularly and was able to make progress.  I was able to access, modify and save the version yesterday.  However, when I tried to access the version today, I received the following error:


An unknown error occurred. Please contact your salesforce.com support representative and reference ID number 1981269962-78426 (-1995936683).


I have received this error before, but typically have only lost a minimal amount of work.  


I am unable to open the new version.  I have opened a case, but under standard support I don't expect a response for 48 hours.  My question is whether or not the new version of my flow can be repaired or recovered.  Will I be able to access it with support's help, or do I need to re-create my work?  It is important that I understand the best course of action so I can meet my schedule requirements.

Chris JohnChris John



I took a look at the error. Based on the error code it appears that there is a problem with a deleted Quote field that is being referenced within your flow.




Could you try undeleting that field, then loading the flow again? If that works then you could check through the flow for references to that field and remove them, before deleting the Quote field again.


If you've provided the error code in the support case, that should ensure a bug gets logged for that, but hopefully the above gets you up and running again.


Let us know!








I undeleted the field and I am now able to open the flow version.  Thanks for the help.



Chris JohnChris John



If you want to pm me the case#, I can make sure a bug gets associated with it.






We released a fix for this sometime back where we handle the invalid references in a more robust manner. Hope you dont get this issue again.