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test coverage - how to pull values from Process.PluginResult?

Hello -


i have a flow which is working well.  I'm writing the test coverage - and i want to grab the results of the flow and review via system asserts.  However i'm not sure how to pull the results from Process.PluginResult?  I can output it:


System.Debug('    #### pluginResult:'+pluginResult);


And this shows the data that i'm expecting to see:


    #### pluginResult:Process.PluginResult:[outputParameters={authStatus=Approved, transactionId=misc}]


But how do i pull that map from the PluginResult?


thanks for your time.


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Chris JohnChris John

How about:


Map<String, Object> returnMap = pluginResult.outputParameters;

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Chris JohnChris John

I haven't tested this, but can you do:


pluginResult.getOutputParameters() ?




Hello.  tried that - as well as a number of similar ideas, but none of them worked (specifically - getOutputParameters() gives a compile error).  It is odd given - the way the PluginResult is built is to create a map and put values into it.  So you would think that you do the get() as you describe - then get the individual values - but no good.



Chris JohnChris John

How about:


Map<String, Object> returnMap = pluginResult.outputParameters;

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Here is a sample snippet (which you need to clean  up for your use case)


static testMethod void basicTestwithAccount() {


MyFlowPlugin aFlowPlugin = new MyFlowPlugin();
Map<String,Object> inputParams = new Map<String,Object>();
Map<String,Object> outputParams = new Map<String,Object>();

inputParams.put('Param2','val2');Process.PluginRequest request = new Process.PluginRequest(inputParams);

Process.PluginResult result;
result = aFlowPlugin.invoke(request);

System.AssertEquals(result.size(), 3);