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Return Multiple records with Designer Lookup

Is it possible to return multiple records within Flow designer on a lookup?

I have not seen a way to loop through result set and assign to a variable[0,1,2...] which could be displayed on a text screen.


Collections are not yet supported in Flows. This is one of the top enhancements we will be working on soon. Cannot guarantee a specific release though.

In the meanwhile, you can create loops in flow to process a set of records - the classic while loop where you query a record, update a field on the record and the use that field as a filter in the loop.





Suppose you have a choice lookup for contact based on Account id


and it is returing you 5 records and you have created 2 varibales contactName and contactEMail in your flow


Then it is possible to show the contac tname as aradio button in th screen and what ever contact you have selected yo can assign the email and name to the variables contactName and contactEMail.


This can be achieved in flow


Hi Rajaram,

Thanks for your work on the designer. Iam trying to act on a set of records in a flow, you mentioned that we can do looping, can you please guide me how we can incorporate loop inside the flow?



The way I handled this was to connect a lookup to a dynamic decision resource.

Then display that resource on a screen page.

User picks the drop down and the variables can be set in the dynamic decision for the choice made.


The only issue I have is if it returns records with the same name (like ACME Co on an account) I have no way to determine which one i might need to choose.



Thanks for your reply. Iam pretty new to the designer and trying to play around with the tools. Will it be possible for you to let me know the steps to set the lookup to a dynamic decision ? I appreciate your help


Be great if you could post the results of the Steps if you recieved. I am looking to do the same type of thing.


We search By ABN. That will be absolute. However would like to incorporate "contains" Account Name. That Way some one could type Smith and get account name matches of Smith Co, Smitherson, Smith and Sons.


Thanks for everyones input so far.

roundCorner SupportroundCorner Support
One alternative for Dynamic choices is to create a concatentated field with additional information that users user while selecting their choice. 

For example:

    Here's a field to display
   User-added image
Here is how the field is displayed in the flow:
User-added image

This way users will see a more complete set of information to choose among alternatives that otherwise look the same.

Good suggestion, roundCornerSupport!  To directly answer BigWill's question, here's a screenshot showing how I created a dynamic choice element.  It performs a record lookup based on an account name partially matching the user input.  The dropdown then lists the names of the returned records:
Creating a dynamic choice

A more complete explanation (" target="_blank) is on my blog,