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Choice Lookup in Visualforce Flow

So here's the scenario:


I have a main flow that was developed in the flow designer tool that has several subflows. The flows need to be visible publicly so I've embedded the main flow on a visualforce page using the flow:interview tag and added the visualforce page to a force.com site that I've set up. One of the subflows has a choice lookup that is not being populated and I am stumped.


Here's what I've tried:


I first checked that there weren't any permissions issues with the object by creating a sample visualforce page with a select list with the same data from the custom object and added it to my anonymous site - this worked and the data showed up.


I checked to see if it was a problem with the flow itself, but I've gone through and accessed the visualforce page as an administrator and it was working - the data was populating in the choice lookup correctly. 


I verfied the filter wasn't causing a problem on the choice lookup by removing the filter entirely and also checking the debug logs to make sure parameters were passing correctly - data still did not show up.


Here's the problem lookup - the data validation loop isn't a problem because i have another lookup without it thats not working. The unique id for the choice lookup is a custom field on the custom state object and the display value is the Name field. It has 1 filter and 2 allocations.




Any help is greatly appreciated.

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So after 8 hours of working I finally figured this one out. I checked the field level security on the custom object and the field I was trying to filter on, was not a visible field for the guest profile. After making it visible, the filter worked and I was able to see the results in the flow.