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Parsing Issue


    I have observed that whenever partner wsdl is parsed. faultPartnerSoapSforceCom     and  sobjectPartnerSoapSforceCom 


are always generated successfully but not able to create "partnerSoapSforceCom" apex class and the error says

"Error: unexpected token: 'delete' ". If I cmment out this peace error is gone but it leads to another error and same way it  goes on.


Since its too big ,I guess it may be becuse of the size of the file being generated.


Can any body suggest how to address such issue? I m sure thsi is very common problem we might have come across before.

Can you share the nicer partner xm/wsdll file that can generate all three apex classes error free?






Jia HuJia Hu

for the function 'delete', there are several related parts in the partner WSDL. You should comment all the related parts, or change the name of delete to i.e., mydelete, if you would like to use the Delete function in the future.

same to 'delete' there are also 'update', 'undelete',... to process in the first time.

since you are using partner wsdl, after you import it as the Apex class, you can just copy this Apex class to other sandboxs,...