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Chatter REST API for inserting a chatter post as a different user ???????

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I am trying to create a chatter posts with @mentions from REST API but want to post these chatter with a different user and not as logged in user for REST API , Can this be possible I know we can do this using apex code by setting CreatedById but @mentions are not possible through APEx hence I am using rest api from salesforce. Please let me know if anybody has any solution for this ?


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Jia HuJia Hu
Based on my understanding, you can't do this by Chatter REST API. Have to use Soap API instead.

Thanks Jia for your reply. Not sure but according to my search we can't post @mentions using soap api this is only possible as of now using REST API. May be I am not correct.



There is no Chatter REST API support for impersonation at this time, sorry.


Thanks Chris .

Deepak PansariDeepak Pansari

Any update so far ?