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"The requested resource does not exist","errorCode":"NOT_FOUND"


 i'm trying to access salesforce.com and obtain details from my account (querying information) programmatically. the authorization is successful and i'm able to get my user details but the search pattern i give is not returning any matches.

this is the id it returns on successful login:

id = https://login.salesforce.com/id/00D90000000fon0EAA/005900000014ZuzAAE

the url i'm using to query is :


the error message i get in response to this is :

Search result = [{"message":"The requested resource does not exist","errorCode":"NOT_FOUND"}]

do i need any additional previlages in order to make such a request and access the data? i currently have a developer account.

or is there any other way to make such a request?

please reply , thanks in advance.



Further to test Your URl visit https://apigee.com/console/salesforce comes with a handy console to Test REST API for Salesforce


i'm getting a 404 error  which i think is related to the permissions i've currently with my developer account.

is there any way i can get the additional relevant permissions to be able to successfully search for data?


the oauth login is working correctly and i'm getting back my user information.



i removed services which was present twice but now i'm getting the status as 401 

please let me know if the problem is with respect to the permissions i've with a developer account.



Hi Rohini,
Can i Know How you are calling this URL ie from which client
1. Browser.
2.Java/PHP REST Client Where Oauth Login is succesfull


I would recomend to test your url in the below link if it all works fine then i belive its only that the client calling the url is not authorized to acces the resource.




there was a problem with the way i was sending the header. i had to append the access token to the header.

thanks for the help. 

Sapthagiri ReddySapthagiri Reddy
Hi Rohini,

Even I'm facing the same kind of problem. I would like to know how you have passed the access token in the header. And using what tool did you execute the web service, as I'm trying to execute the service in browser and I'm always getting "INVALID_SESSION_ID".
Niklas AlvaeusNiklas Alvaeus
Having the same error, any solution?