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Disable Identity Confirmation

Is there any setting that allows you to disable the Identity Confirmation  (the email activation link) sent to a user when logging in from a new computer?



There is no way to completely disable the Identity Confirmation feature. 

You can avoid the Activation emails for those users on a trusted, fixed IP, network (e.g. Company network) by adding your outbound IP address as a trusted network under Setup, Security Controls, Network Access.  This is useful if your users hotdesk on different machines.


If in doubt what IP address you have, simply check the user's login history on their user details.


Users logging in from home, public wifi's still need to activate (as they rightly should).

DJ KaushikDJ Kaushik



I have seen in one of the Youtube videos from SFDC, there is a bullet point saying that we can request SFDC customer support to disable this feature for your Org and they can do it.


Did anyone try/know about this option?





To disable Email activation for the org, you can set the IP ranges for the org as below.

Security Controls->Network Access->New

Start IP address -

End IP address -


After adding the IP ranges the system will never asks the Identify Confirmation. You can set the IP ranges for individual profiles too (profiles->Ip ranges section)

DJ KaushikDJ Kaushik

IP Address ranges will suppress email confirmation but not SMS IC. We
currently have the IP address ranges set that way.

Roger GriloRoger Grilo
not sure if that worked before in 2013, but tried now in 2016 but got "Error: The range specified is too large" --->  thoughts?
john s.john s.
Hello Roger

Just find out the IP-Range from your Provider.
In many cases the provider have an specific Range for the Region also. 


regards john