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How many profiles can we add to a single user?



  How many profiles can we add to a single user?




  How many roles can we add to a single user?



I am not aware of a way of assigning more than 1 profile or role to a user.In other words we can assign only 1 profile and 1 role to a user, in case you have requirement which requires characteristics of 2 profiles or role to be assigned to a single person then create another profile/ role which has both the characteristics.


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I am unsure as to why a user would have 2 profiles ?


As an example lets say you gave a user read and edit permission for Accounts on profile A

so you dont want these users to be able to delete accounts


Then on profile B you have the read and delete permission for Accounts


So one profile A you are telling the user one thing (no you cannot delete accounts) and on profile B you are telling the user another thing (yes you can delete accounts) , this is why it would not make sense for a user to have 2 profiles for a single user.


I know humans work that way, you have one manager telling you one thing and another telling you something else, but fortunately computers don't work in this way :-)


What is your business reason behind this ?




I can understand why someone would want a user to have 2 profiles.  In my situation I have a user that will be migrating to a new position but in the meantime they need the special access/applications of both profiles.  Most of it is due to a special app that one of the profiles has access to.  My only resolution is to create a new profile just for this one user.


I can also see this in the work place where some people work many jobs.



So this user won't be using the 2 profiles at the same time........... perfect, then this user doesnt need to have 2 profiles!


Of course in this case you could do 3 simple clicks, firstly clone the profile and then check or un-check some permissions

and finally that wasn't so hard was it  :-)


Or it might be better just to give the user a new user record otherwise the user will still have old records attached to their username unless of course that is what you want


You could change the old username to something like "joebloggs.old"   and create the new one then of "joebloggs!


And in reference to this point

"I can also see this in the work place where some people work many jobs."


This is why you have Administators so they can change user profiles if necessary and do other stuff involving manging their users.......why do customers seem to think that users can be self managed......we dont live in a perfect world :-)

This is why every company has managers :-)



I have a similar challenge.  I have a person who was promoted but still needs access to his old subordinates.  His role is in a different geography, and therefore the subordinates are not part of his role's hierarchy.  What is the best way to get him access to the accounts and opportunities for those subordinates while maintaining his current role and profile?

We can't assign more then one profile to one user. One User always have only one profile Now i'll tell you how we will give extra permission to specific user. Suppose there is two user. First have only read permission because first user is not trusted by many of things but  we want to give read and write permission to second user (both user has same level). So we will give a same profile to both user and then we take help of permission set. Then we creat write permission in permission set then assign to second(trusted) user. Now, Second user able to read/write but first only can read not write.

Hope you understand the concept.


Rajesh Kumar 
Pushpendra Singh 46Pushpendra Singh 46
A profile can be assigned to many users, but a user can be assigned a single profile at a time.