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Cannot login - get immediate logoff

I am trying to login to salesforce from a Windows XP machine that is running IE 8.  I enter my user and password and immediately I get a page from Salesforce saying I have been logged off.  I have tried using IE on a different machine and the user and password works.  I have also tried Firefox on this same machine and that works.  I am reasoning that the issue is a setting in this particular instance of IE but I can't even guess what it might be.


Has anyone else seen this behavior and how did you resolve it?






I just tried resetting the password.  When I click the link that is in the email that Salesforce sends out, I go into the screen where I have to change my password.  I fill in the new password and click save and I am immediately logged out.


When I look in the login history it shows a successful login.

Imran MohammedImran Mohammed

Even i faced the same issue earlier,

I deleetd the cookies and history and then tried logging in.

It was successful.

Try it and see if it works


This happens pretty regularly on safari 5 as well, but was told it was an unsupported browser and to use safari 3(!).