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Seperation of access to code and production data



Anybody knows what is the best practice to do the separation of access to code and production data from security standpoint?


Thanks in advance!!!


Yoel GluckYoel Gluck

Can you provide some more details on what you are trying to do? Are you trying to provide some protection against developers? Meaning, to limit developers to write code but not access production data?


Yoel Gluck

Product Security Team @ Salesforce.com


Yes correct.


We want to secure our production data so that developer or someone else who has access to code should not be able to do changes to the production data. 


How to build the security considering this point? 




Yoel GluckYoel Gluck

The best option is probably to develop in another org. You can use unmanaged packages to deploy the code into your org or just copy paste into an eclipse project.