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SiteForce and Ecommerce

Hey Folks,

                  I was looking on developing a sample ecommerce site using SIte Force. I did find a partner solution for this but i would love to do this on own using siteforce only.  So basically i have following two questions ?


1) Availibility Custom widgets for Paypal or other payment gateways. Where can I find them ?          

1.A ] -->  If there is None,  what are other ways to achieve it. The one I can see is adding paypal JavaScript API to files and uploading them.


2) Question 2 is also because of need of writing custom code and using custom query on custom data for all reasons. 


Description:- Currently siteforce exposes builtin data objects using data repeater elements. Data repeater elements in turn expose built in data object(Yes we can create new and custom). But I can only select certain fields in repeater view thus i cannot query multiple data sources. The solution I see is every time I need this I create a data view (object) and use it but don't feel comfortable with it since queries on data (much like SQL queries) are expected to change now and then.  


I would be highly grateful for the help.


Thanking you .





Kinetic GrowthKinetic Growth
Hi Nikhil

If you're still wanting to use Salesforce for e-commerce, you might find the Venue application useful.

Venue is a native e-commerce application that’s built entirely on Force.com; it turns Salesforce into an e-commerce platform. You’ll use the products, prices, accounts, contacts, etc. from Salesforce to run the website/store and all your sales and transactions are recorded in your Salesforce database.

Venue works with Salesforce Sites and Customer Portal (and Communities). Guest users can browse products, add them to a shopping cart, and complete purchases (i.e. make payments via Credit Card, PayPal, ACH, EFT, etc.) all without requiring login/authentication. (Venue supports login/authentication via Customer Portal / Communities, but it is optional).

Venue is a full-featured eCommerce solution. You can fully customize your eCommerce website, process credit card and PayPal payments, get integrated tax and shipping modules, and advanced product management and discounting features.

You can learn more from the Venue website:


And from the Venue AppExchange listing:


This message is from Kinetic Growth, the company that makes Venue.  Please contact us if we can help: