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Siteforce Team Development

1. How are changes moved from org to org (e.g., QA/UA to production, dev sandbox to QA, etc.)?

I didn't see anything in the change sets for Siteforce.


2. Is there a best practice for team development involving Siteforce?

For example:
Along with the developer.force.com Enterprise Development guide book, there are some excellent Dreamforce session videos on team development involving svn, Jenkins, Selenium, and other useful tools.


There is a CI example where there is a setup of multiple devs, each with their own dev sandbox. They check in/out code and meta data changes to svn. Checking in kicks off a Jenkins CI build which runs all unit tests and a suite of Selenium tests (I realize there are no native unit tests for Siteforce, but Selenium tests would seem like they could be very useful for Siteforce). Is something like that possible or does everyone just work together in the same org? If so, how are conflicts handled and how is versioning handled?