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Record Types on Sites

I have created four apex pages, one for each Record Type from a Custom Object. The custom object was created to allow us to collect information from our clients (guest) that will visit one of four forms based on links that we provide.


the problem is two fold.


First... There doesn't appear to be a way to set the record type (like saleforce ask a user to do when we create a new record) let's be clear, I don't want to prompt the client to choose either, what I would like is to be able to define the record type on each of the four pages...


Second... Because I cannot define the record type, none of my drop down fields are working, as I've defined which values should be available based on the record type. So again, I need the record type to be determined before the client can fill out the form (ultimately to create a new record) Otherwise many of the choices may seem foreign or extraneous.


Lastly, no matter which form the user fills out, they all come in as the default record type, instead of the the correct...


I've tried to add a hidden field with a value="000000RecTypeIDAAA" not sure why this isn't a natively supported function?


Can anyone help me figure out why I cannot define a record type using sites forms.  Is their a URL comment I can put into the link that will do this for me? like /pageName?RecordTypeID=000000RecTypeIDAAA



Hi Mitch,


Can u post ur code so that i can help you .

Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma



Would like to know whether, You have you overidden you new button?

And are the 4 pages you are using they are custom too?