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Shared Login for Customer and Partner Portal users

We are developing a new site that will be used by both Customers and Partners. For now, the functionality is the same and both users will be seeing the exact same pages. However, because their license types are different, one uses a site associated with customer portal and the other uses a site associated with the partner portal.


Is there no way to consolidate these into a single login page such that if I can detect which users are partners, I could then direct their login to go through the partner site? We really don't want to have two separate login URL's...

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Partner Portal licenses are expensive  than Customer Portal Licenses. Since for you both Partner Portal functionality and Customer Portal functionality are the same, why do you have Partner Portal created? You can just declare the partner accounts as Customers and can create Customer portal users for the partners right? This way, you will have only one Url and you save on licenses as well.


Alternatively you can try this,


                Create a new Site and do not link it with Customer or Partner Portal. In this Site Page, Accept the User Id only. On click of the button, check whether the user exists, Is active and whether is a customer portal user or a partner portal user. Depending on the query result, redirect to the relevant login screen and pass the user id in url, so that it appears in the login screen populated. User will just enter the password and get into their respective portal.







The functionality is the same now, but we will eventually add extra features for the partner portal users. Even after that, we ideally still would like to have just one login page for both.


Your "staging" site is an interesting idea, but we really don't want to add another step from our users, especially since most of them are already hitting our site after originally coming from our main company page.


I think the best solution we're looking at now is just to direct all users to the customer portal login page and just have a link to the partner page that partner users can click on to get redirected.



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Thanks for the reply.


The Customer or Partner are already coming in from the Company Website, in case they are logged into Company Customer / Partner Portal, when they come in into Site, you do a single sign on with Customer Portal or Partner Portal. This would be a better user experience.






I should clarify - when I say they are coming from another of our sites, they are not logged into that site. That site is our main customer facing content management site. The actual account management piece is what we are now hosting in Salesforce. So that site links them over to Salesforce where they login.


what type of information shared by customer in partner portal salesforce